NLP FOUNDATION Certification

A four-day experiential workshop to design magnetic outcomes, develop the complementary skills of full association and disassociation, explore and design a triple description, utilise brain function as it presents through your eye movements, and explore how your mirror neurons can be used in important relationships.

Neuroscience Provides Evidence Of Super Human Capabilities  

Well, they are human capabilities really, but not many people know about them.


You might even think this idea is from a science fiction novel.

But a Mirror Neuron, for example, is a type of brain cell that responds when we perform an action - and when we witness someone else perform the same action.  

It mirrors the performance of the action in the brain as you watch someone else perform it.  This might explain why love stories and action movies are so popular.

The is also true for your mirror neurons.

This Foundation programme introduces you to this sort of study.  We call it your subjective experience.  

And, we begin with your sensory system - you can influence your brain, state, skills and talents if you have some insight into how you are using this system.

On the Foundation Certification, you will explore specific techniques.  The orientation is personal and professional development.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Design magnetic outcomes using all of your sensory apparatus

  • Identify your sensory strategies

  • Organise your own transmutation from one state to another

  • Develop the complementary skills of full association and dissociation

  • Explore and design a triple description of the same event to enrich your understanding and options

  • Utilise brain function as it presents through your eye movements

  • Explore how your mirror neurons can be used in relationship and skill development

Professional Support Group

You have access to a professional support group to help you with your ambitions, career transitions, emotions and conversations.

‘ … very relaxed, very safe working environment for everybody.’

Dr Angela Berges


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the first day of the workshop, speak to Elizabeth and she will refund your money.