NLP Master Practitioner Certification - Zetetic Modelling Strategy
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Are You Curious About Genius?

Zetetic Modelling Strategy Shows You How

Genius is obvious once you know.  But, getting it is not always so obvious.  Ask Einstein.

Awareness is your key.  And the code is feelings first.  Which means you can’t get it by just talking about it.  It’s not an intellectual exercise until after you have felt it in your body.  

Marcel Marceau introduced us to mime, Bip The Clown, and the art of silence.  And that’s really what it takes – silence.

You have to shadow it, feel it, do it, and then articulate it.

Getting to the strategy of the desired skill changes your perception, sense of identity and sense of possibility.

The experience creates subtle and automatic shifts in the organisation of your system.

And, your focus shifts from memory and retained knowledge, to something living, thrilling, and experiential.

This takes you to a place which has always been there - just out of the sight of rational mind.  And in this place, brilliance lives.

Beliefs and stereotypes are shattered like smoke in a wind and genius emerge into the light …

‘But it’s obvious’  Well … it is now.

Zetetic Modelling Strategy is an intense journey into the core technology of NLP - modelling.  

You become very good at NLP - active, creative, positive – and are certified to practise as an NLP Master Practitioner.

But you have to really want it.  Contact me at


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the first morning of the workshop, speak to Joseph and he will refund your money without a quibble.

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