Personal Strategy Complex Issue
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How To Sort Out A Complex Issue

And See A Way Forward In 6 to 9 hours

Elizabeth helps you - or your family - to get to the bottom of your problem and sort it out.  She uses the same power that you invest in your problem - your intention - to generate a fresh and productive direction.  The immediacy of the results can be surprising.  

‘I now fly alone’ Pat Laws

Some Problems You Might Be Facing:

  • new career choices

  • work conflict

  • high-risk decisions

  • difficult and powerful work colleagues

  • lack of focus

  • a difficult marital partner

  • family tension

  • time starvation

  • the absence of support for you

  • retirement health and income

  • mental or physical illness

  • and the absence of joy in your life.

Elizabeth's objective is to sort out and separate the interwoven strands of your complex issue so you can see it clearly, understand your position, see a way forward and take action.

This includes working with your fear, your belief structures or perceptual mechanism, and your strong feelings.  (We know they are strong feelings because you have a complex issue.)

It also includes working with your thinking process, the stories you tell yourself, how you value yourself, your ambitions, and your sense of personal power - which might seem remote right now.

You are surprised and delighted with yourself.

‘3 years ago last month I met with Elizabeth and made some pretty amazing life changes that are still making waves now. I felt that I was on the brink of making big choices, taking risks and trying to believe in myself. So I took the plunge and invested some time, sharing these fears and ambitions with Zetetic.  The results are there in my daily life.  I am always grateful for meeting you and look forward to topping up on some insight and inspiration again soon!’  Sarah Baldock be-good events communications.

What Happens If You Don’t Act?

Your problems sap your energy and take a concentrated application to analyse and clarify.  The task is to see the issues clearly, understand how they are related and do something about them.

Elizabeth does that - and gives you the tools to do that.  

As you know, if you don't do anything at all, then the situation is likely to get worse.


Now, you may feel guilty taking time to sort them out.

But if you do take the time, life can be fresh and exciting again for you - fresh and exciting again for you and for those around you.

‘I see through certain situations with her now, and things are so much clearer to me.   I am also much tougher and am putting my foot down a lot - you'd be proud.’  Angela, Cornwall

What Is Involved?

Personal Strategy Complex is designed to help you sort out complex personal or professional issues.  It involves you in three stages:

  • The first stage is the Personal Strategy Audit which we provide and you complete on your own time before your meeting

  • The second involves six to eight hours exclusive one to one time over two consecutive days

  • The progress check is done a few weeks later by telephone.  During the call, we review your plan.

The Personal Strategy Complex is best in a crisis or for a thorough review.  You can resolve your issue in six to nine hours.


The price is £630.00 which includes all three stages:

  1. the Personal Strategy Audit

  1. six to eight hours one-to-one Personal Strategy Complex Issue Session

  1. and a telephone progress check.

If you want to find out if this is for you, call Elizabeth.  See if her approach feels right to you.  The first call will not cost you any money. You can get her on her mobile +44 (0)7796 048755.

Or email her on

Unlikely as it may seem, you can sort out a complex issue in six to nine hours and be surprised and delighted with your results.

All calls and content are confidential.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase in the first hour of your interaction, speak to Elizabeth and she will refund your money.  

You can buy on this page or email


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