Personal Strategy Phone Coach - Pay As You Go

Who Do You Phone When Things Are Difficult?

Pay As You Go 1-to-1 over the telephone in units of 1-hour

This service is a good option if you are managing a difficult circumstance over time and want to:

  • have a skilled and confidential resource available to you outside of your immediate circle of friends and family

  • maintain a sense of balance through difficult times

  • touch base on key issues related to health, relationships, money, family or work

  • maintain clarity

  • feel a regular emotional support

  • check difficult decisions

  • negotiate relationships

  • follow through on endings or new beginnings

  • untangle personal and business stress

  • establish and maintain your personal boundaries

  • manage your Personal Strategy™

And it also works as a one-off.

Who Is It For?

You have already done some Personal Strategy work or NLP training with me and want some regular low-cost support.

You are completely new and want a low cost and low-risk way of testing me out.

Or maybe meeting face to face is not practical or desirable because of distance, timing, accessibility, budget or anonymity.

What He Said

'Faced with a significant business challenge, I contacted Elizabeth in December 2015 to seek her guidance. The best option for me was to work with her on a regular basis over the phone. Elizabeth provided a professional and confidential sounding board on all matters connected with my project, helping to keep me "on track" and "moving forward", especially when the going got tough! The discipline of preparing for our conversations, combined with the challenge and integrity of Elizabeth's questions, meant that I dealt with difficult decisions in a thoughtful and timely manner. Her note sharing straight after each call was very useful and provided a ready-made record of our discussion and my commitment to action. Working with Elizabeth is like having your best self as a confidant and companion. I will be continuing to work with her and I thoroughly recommend this service.'

Gordon Chambers BA(Hons) ACII MBA DipPFS, Chartered Insurance Practitioner, Director, Intan Limited


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on your call, speak to Elizabeth and she will refund your money.

Please buy using the link below or email

Pay As You Go, 121, on the phone or Skype, in units of One-Hour. You can use it to define outcomes, assess problems, hear yourself out loud, challenge your own ideas, get help and support for anything related to you and your circumstances, including those low and confusing moments and your towering aspirations and ambitions.

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