Personal Strategy Single Issue

A four-hour Personal Strategy session to sort out a specific single issue.

How To Sort Out A Single Issue In 4 hours

Have you ever felt fear, frustration or even shame and let it hold you back?  And you suspect - if you sorted it out - your life would be great but… ‘there’s just one thing stopping you’

  • You hate online dating

  • You're getting married - or thinking about it

  • You have an exam

  • You've been asked to make a speech

  • You feel shy

  • You are going on holiday

  • Your family want you to do something and you're not sure

  • You have an important job interview

  • You have a problem - with a friend, at work, or at home.

Do You Need Support?

Sometimes we feel guilty or embarrassed about needing support to explore a personal issue.

So we ask our friends first.  In normal circumstances, they can often help.

But sometimes they can’t.  And it is easy to spend many hours - even weeks and months - in our heads trying to work it out.  

Sort It Out With A Single Issue Session

So, if you feel there is just one thing getting in the way of your life right now, this single issue session will work for you. All you need is four hours to sort it out.  Yes, four hours – we can’t do it in one - but our clients get good results.

What Our Clients Say

Sometimes we are in the wrong place.  Jane says …

  • ‘Meeting with you opened my eyes to the fact I'm not in the right job.’  

Sometimes we are full of false hope and optimism.

  • ‘Thanks for the inspirational session. It helped me conclude that the other person is unlikely to adapt or change despite my desire for that to happen. I felt more appreciative of the positive actions they do take and areas of support they have given me. I liked the process and will use it. Thanks again.'  Stuart Lord OCRA (Sport) Manager, Devon

And sometimes, like Peter's friend, we fear an upcoming event ...

  • ’Just to say I had a good chat with John recently and he seemed so much more positive. It sounds like many doors are now opening to meet people. He mentioned that his meeting with you was a turning point - I think possibly you gave him an injection of confidence.’  

What Happens If You Don't Take Action Now?

Real life shows us that an enormous amount of energy can go in the wrong direction.  Moreover, we don’t recognise that from inside the problem.

It just nags on.

You might need some support to prepare for that important occasion.  Or you may be clear about the issue you need help with and just want to sort it out.

What Does It Involve?

The single issue session involves three stages:

  1. The first stage is the Personal Strategy Audit which we provide and you complete on your own time before your meeting.  It starts the process

  1. The second stage involves an exclusive one-to-one three-hour session with me

  1. The final check is done by telephone after the session.

The Personal Strategy Single Issue Session is best for those mild to severe one-off situations either from the past, happening now, or coming up in the near future.

For example, a relationship incident, an irrational fear, a driving test or an examination, an important decision like a job, or a public speaking event.

This session can sort out those ‘if only’ moments for you.

Can You Be Successful Too?

I have a track record of success.  You may be surprised and delighted with the results …

  • ‘I feel equal. I can be myself.’  Michelle, Cornwall

The price includes all three stages: the Personal Strategy Audit, a three-hour exclusive one-to-one Personal Strategy Single Issue Session, and post-session telephone check.

If your life could be great except for that one thing, then take action now - before you start ‘putting up with it’ again - and email

Or, you may prefer to call me for more information on +44 (0)7796 048755.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase during the first hour of your session, speak to Elizabeth and she will refund your money.

(All conversation and written material are confidential.)

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A four-hour Personal Strategy session to sort out a specific single issue

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