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What Have Your 'twitching feet' Got To Do With Your Personal Strategy?

Zetetic Neurobody Work is fundamental to the way we work with you.

It is our own method of helping you to achieve your purpose, developed as a result of our experience in business, academic studies and exploring the way that your mind and body work together.

In Western business, we often assume that your body is only there to transport your brain from one meeting to the next, that your brain is where all the important work is done.

Science is now discovering what the East has known for millennia, that understanding what you feel in your body is critical for successful strategic thought.

Using your intellect with your heart and what the Japanese call the “hara” - the centre of the body - to interpret strong drives, Zetetic Neurobody Work brings a balanced perspective and a deep understanding of how you can make progress constructively, in life and in business.

We work with you to help you to express your deep inner intelligence about how you can help your organisation to make a fundamental change. When you have a powerful feeling that drives you but can't express it or put it into practice, Zetetic Neurobody Work can help.

The video on this page showcases a corporate strategy project with Gaynor Coley, Managing Director of Eden Project, which originated in a close look at her Personal Strategy.

Please email me if you want to want to know more:  joseph@zeteticmind.com

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