1-Day Certified NLP Training

This day is designed for you to experience how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you get the results you want in your personal and professional life.

''I'm still benefiting from the day I did with you. I'm sure my communication with my husband has never been better, and we are happier than ever. All down to changing my perception, incredible.'' Mandy Steer, Cornwall

We want you to test it out in a practical way, so bring along a problem or a difficult relationship to work on. There is always a shift.

You Will Learn How To:

Solve Your Problems

The way you use your brain to think through a problem directly affects the quality of your experience and the options available to you. The solution lies in the orientation of the questions you ask of yourself.

Shift Difficult Relationships

Some people have a direct and adverse influence on the quality of your experience and how you relate to them. But your responses do not have to remain in an unproductive loop. You can change your response at an unconscious level without even talking to them in person – no need to clear things up! The answer lies in your physical perceptual mechanism.

Develop A Resourceful State

Interviews, first dates, presentations and speaking engagements can make people nervous. Find out how to install a personal resource state designed for your specific occasion.

'It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you and learn about NLP. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the small-class feel of our training ... It was such a treat to have the opportunity to ask a lot of questions and share a lot of stories, so I could learn better and internalize the information more effectively. Thanks also for the additional information about books and other NLP resources.  You are an excellent teacher and a superb guide! Thank you!'

Ali E., San Diego, California

Awaken New Pathways In Your Brain

If you use the same brain pathways every day it’s possible your thinking can get a bit fixed. Your body gets used to the same procedures without realising how this reduces the options open to you.

Now, if it’s a winning strategy then why change it? But if it isn’t, how can you make a difference to the situation?

To answer this question we introduce you to how you design realities inside your brain, how you use your sensory strategies and the power of your language.


You get a certification from zps8 for the day and a 25 page manual of instructions.

‘Really good experience. Picked up lots of information on NLP and was able to carry it from concept into practice.  All in one day. Brilliant.'

Phoenix Amethyst, Bristol

''Thank you so much for a wonderful day yesterday. I had a real buzz afterwards. I learnt a lot and also affirmed my current knowledge. Great content and resources.''  

Terri Marie Barberry-Redd 29th April 2018 - Cornwall HypnoBirthing and Hypnotherapy

Who Is Elizabeth?

In 1984 Elizabeth was introduced to NLP in a commercial setting.

At the time she was a founder member of a successful start-up business - outsourcing contact centre solutions. This business is now a global brand owned by Dimension Data.

Elizabeth has 6250 hours personal and professional development; achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in American and English Literature; and a post-graduate certificate in education – PGCE.  

She is an English teacher by the first profession.

Elizabeth also has over 30 years’ practical and theoretical experience in NLP and has trained with founders Bandler and Grinder.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the day of the workshop, speak to Elizabeth in the morning coffee break and she will refund your money without a quibble.

‘I really enjoyed the day and the way you delivered the course.  I was amazed at my realisation regarding the relationship and am so grateful that happened, it's allowed me to see things through very different eyes.’  

Karen White, Cornwall

''You are a tremendous inspiration to me, and I definitely plan to travel to see you again as soon as the circumstances allow. Our 1:1 session for just one day shifted my whole perspective just enough to allow me a fantastic paradigm shift in my hypnotherapy linguistics as well as the menu of things I could offer others. But even more than this...you are a fantastic and insightful teacher who makes deep and meaningful connections very quickly. This is a real gift. I have, indeed, recommended you to several people, including some of my clients and family here in the USA, and I certainly hope they take the opportunity to get in touch with you. We send you good health energy- both for Covid and for better friendship energy ahead. Thank you, Elizabeth. Thank you!'' Deanna B, USA

This day is designed for you to experience how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you get the results you want in your personal and professional life.

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