Personal Strategy Intensive

How To Sort Out Your Life In Five Days  

(Take A Look At Life’s Big Questions)

This workshop will sort out your life for the next five years - and maybe longer.

You can expect to examine all the things that are important to you including your relationships, your money - and your ability to act and get what you want in life.

You may be ready to do something different or you might just want an intensive review at an important time or decision point.

People come to us with different projects, which include: going to university, professional career choices that could last a lifetime, choosing friends, which country to live in, starting a family, the biological clock, changing the world, getting over heartbreak, redundancy, starting a new business or selling up - or reaching retirement and new beginnings once again.

Whatever your motivations, you sense it’s important to take a good look at your purpose, direction, and the way you are making decisions.

You will leave with a clear sense of your uniqueness, what is important to you and an outline strategy of your own design.

You will know what is important to you. You will have identified the main building blocks going forward. You will know how you make significant decisions in a way that supports you.

You will have clarity about the way you want to be, who will be with you - and who won’t.

In fact, you will have made some major decisions about people, love, family and career direction, lifestyle desires, money and professional ambition.

This five-day workshop is a major review, sometimes a major overhaul, and a significant decision tool.

What People Say

  • I really feel like I have learnt skills to carry with me throughout my life.’  Hannah Parker - The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • ‘It is an incredible opportunity to find simple strategies to realise your dream and build faith in yourself - basically make your life what you want - I really believe it can benefit anyone.’  Kate Meiller - The Daily Mail

  • ‘I would highly recommend this training to other people however I would warn them that this type of work is challenging, demanding, and deep.’  Laura Budgen - Careconnect Learning

  • ‘Deal with all aspects of your life whether personal or work-related through an extremely comprehensive set of tools...incredibly empowering.  I have already recommended it…simply because it gave me what I wanted - a toolkit to use on work and life issues in order to ensure that I am on track with fulfilling my purpose.’  Dan Offord - Yorkshire Forward

  • ‘I don’t rave and evangelise about stuff like this, I am generally quite guarded and sceptical. But Personal Strategy™ has given me what I wanted - some useful tools that will stay with me.’  Ravi Chandiramani - Marketing Week

What Happens If You Don't Act?

Life drifts by - it may be tolerable, a bit of a compromise - maybe not quite as satisfying or as much fun as it could be.

This workshop will sort out your life for the next five years - and deal with your big questions.

What’s Involved?

Personal Strategy Intensive can be done alone - as a residential or not - or with a small group of friends. We will design according to your needs.

The process involves analysis, diagnosis, design and implementation in three stages:

  1. Personal Strategy Audit - we provide and you complete on your own time before your meeting.

  1. Five consecutive days of structured personal exploration.

  1. The progress check – a review call done a few weeks later by telephone.  

Sort Out Your Life

This workshop is designed to sort out your life.  Five days now will save you years in the future.  The price is £1,000 per person.  (Or you can do it solo for £3,150)

If you want to find out if this is for you, call me.  

You can get me on mobile +44 (0)7796 048755 or email

Or, you can buy today at the bottom of the page.  


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the first morning of the workshop, speak to me and I will refund your money without a quibble.

Five days to take a look at life's big questions. A small group workshop structured around your Personal Strategy. An intensive, structured and experiential facilitation. Driven by your agenda with lots of personal attention to your key issues with a Personal Strategy and self development framework.

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