NLP FOUNDATION SKILLS (You've Only Got One Life)

NLP Foundation Skills (You've Only Got One Life)

00:00 NLP Foundation Skills - The Course

NLP Foundation Skills also called Diploma. My name's Elizabeth Pritchard. My company is called zps8.  

The course - it's four days live. Face to face in Falmouth, Cornwall, and Bristol, both UK. It's our NLP smorgasbord, where you will learn the importance of language, strategy, and state. It's 25 face-to-face hours. It can act as four days of the practitioner course if you want it to. And then those same topics are developed further in the course, or it can be a complete certification in itself.

01:09 People And Projects

People bring their own personal projects. Which they can choose to share or keep confidential. For example, starting a business, planning retirement, moving home, health, and difficult family relationships.

And who are these people who come? They are people of all ages, probably six to 10 people. Recent participants have been a business consultant, a health professional, an academic teacher, a hairdresser, a parent, and a career professional. What they have in common is that they're all interested in their personal and professional development.

02:06 What Will You Learn?

And what will you learn in four days? You'll learn about modalities and submodalities, perception, logical levels, how to plan and develop a project. What is spatial sorting and how do you use it? But most of all, you'll have the time, the space, and the structures to explore in a retreat-like yet fun atmosphere. Every exercise is clearly explained and demonstrated. And then it's practised in groups of two or three.  

02:57 Bonus

As a bonus you receive six questions to complete and return to me before the course starts. So you start thinking about what you would want to work on. And so do I start thinking about what you're working on?

We start early.

If you're watching this video on the website, Just ask me for the location and the dates of the next course. If you're watching this on YouTube, please go to the website, for more information.  The details and the link are below the video.

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