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NLP is a modelling technology which codes the strategies of genius and makes these strategies available to others in the form of patterns and techniques.


The modelling technology is focussed on the HOW of a particular skill.  How do you do that?


The genius pattern is coded in sensory-specific terms – see, hear, feel


There are three founding members of NLP: Dr John Grinder, Dr Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik.

NLP Beginnings

The beginnings of NLP are rooted in the study of three acknowledged leaders in the field of communication:

  • Virginia Satir, family therapist

  • Fritz Perls, known from gestalt therapy

  • And, Milton Erickson, a medical hypnotherapist

These three people were powerful communicators who created change in ways that seemed almost magical.

The quest was to find the structure of their magic.  This research produced two EARLY NLP models.  The first is known as the Meta Model, and the second – the Milton Model.

Both recover experiential richness in seemingly polar opposite ways.


An introduction to some of the skills and techniques which allow you to achieve excellent results in your chosen field.

You will learn how to:

  1. use your 5 senses as a FOUNDATION INTELLIGENCE

  1. direct your thinking towards a solution for your problems

  1. design your goals in a thorough, compelling and ethical way

  1. bring your future goals forward to now

  1. take multiple perspectives and use new information to resolve seemingly difficult relationships or enhance new ones

  1. read how others are thinking – even before they know - from their eye movements

  1. get along with people fast - in a simple yet almost invisible way

  1. use a specific logic tool as an accurate navigational aid through seemingly complex information

  1. build a FOUNDATION OF FAITH by presupposing

  1. organically build a high-performance state from your own resources


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