Starting Your Year

What Do You Want?

These six questions are proven to clarify your needs, desired outcomes, or goals.  

You will get better results if someone trained in listening asks you each question and writes down your answer word for word (there is a reason for this).  But, you can do it alone or into a digital recorder or your smart-phone, for example.

When you answer each question, consider your visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic faculties.  Sometimes a colour, sound, or feeling makes all the difference to your description and its attractiveness.

(PS What do you want?  Clue: you may start by thinking about what you don’t want, then it’s the opposite of that!)

How will you know when you have got it?

(your evidence procedure)

What do you want in the next 1-2 years

(or other significant period of time-you choose the time frame)

Why do you not have this already?

(sticking points, reasons stopping you)

What resources do you have which can help you achieve these outcomes?

(Qualities in you as well as people and things outside of you.)

What are some similar things which you have achieved in the past?

(Similar in that they feel a bit like the project you have now.)

These six questions act like an audit - highlighting your desired outcomes; what stops you from achieving those desired outcomes, so that you can address the sticking points; and your successful strategies and resources in similar spheres.

This process is proven time and time again, and is a great starting point for your needs, ambitions, and goals - whatever they may be.

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