The 20-day Programme That Profoundly Supports Your Personal And Professional Life

“A life-changing experience”

Erica Tester, accountant.

World class accreditation as a Zetetic NLP Practitioner - Systemic and Generative New Code, Classic Code, and Somatic NLP

In the complex world of work and life, it is easy to lose sight of your needs, desires, and hopes.

What are your real goals - personal and professional?

Are you getting the time and skill development that you need?

Or is too much of your energy and goodwill drained by a lack of support?

The Zetetic NLP Practitioner programme gives you, as a professional person, a unique opportunity to support your personal and professional life.

It is designed with you in mind because it’s organised around your Personal Strategy™ and your professional development.

And you receive a globally recognised certification that makes you a more attractive proposition to yourself and any employer.

You Will:

  1. develop your confidence, authority, and credibility

  1. refresh your natural character

  1. support your integrity

  1. develop your resilience and build your capacity

  1. enhance your relationships

  1. and learn the most effective communication skills available today, including the most advanced coaching skills.  

The Programme

We know that you need time to hear yourself think, time to talk things through, time to learn, time to practise, time to reflect and time to be very, very good.

When you have finished this programme, both the theory and practice will be integrated into your unconscious competence and available on demand.

So, if you are not moving towards the happiness you want in your personal and professional life, you will know that there is something you are not doing – rather than something you don’t understand.

Learn How To Resolve:

  • difficult relationships

  • communication problems

  • intolerable management structures

  • absent support

  • and inflexible responses to your personal and professional circumstances.

These issues will no longer bother you in the same way because we teach you the most advanced and effective NLP skills available to professionals today.

Understanding how your own nervous system responds can only lead you to conclude this practice is not linear – your subjective experience is malleable.

And if you understand how to truly communicate with yourself, you are able to truly communicate with another.

Knowing that piece of information allows you to generate your own work and informs your response when things don’t go in a straight line - which is often.

And if you have a deep understanding of how NLP techniques work for you – then you can help others too.

And Learn How To:

  • identify your mental maps

  • frame a language intervention

  • develop your options and procedures

  • use your five senses more effectively

  • improve your mood

  • unpack difficult and complex situations so they can be resolved

  • access and validate your feeling intelligence and intuitions

  • be more successful in strategy, sales, innovation, negotiation, law, arbitration, management, marketing, leadership - and family roles.

You will be supported, guided, and mentored through a global syllabus in such a way that the value will repeat itself many times over the years.

And you won’t have to remember or write anything because we practise everything thoroughly and you get a free comprehensive 124-page manual to work from.

Your Technical Competence:

Understand and use highly technical - yet simple - verbal communication skills that help with clarity and understanding in many different contexts including collaboration. project management, coaching, counselling, interim management, leadership, training, and negotiation.

  • Recognise and use non-verbal signals and pattern skills that mark significant internal physiological shifts

  • Identify words of meaning and richness and how they work in strategy and leadership

  • Use your brain like a mixing desk – understand and design your sensory submodalities

  • Identify the sensory strategies employed in your subjective experience

  • Identify your decision strategy and, the buying strategies of your customers and clients

  • Utilise existing and embedded motivation strategies to propel change

  • Develop your options when faced with seemingly intractable relationships or problems

  • Use your somatic biological strategies for innovation and creativity

  • Develop your resilience, self-esteem, and self-confidence

  • Learn what works for you and what doesn’t – and what works for others too

  • And feel good about yourself and your intuition.

What Others Say: 

Aaron Pascoe, Director Alverton Manor Ltd

'This is not a theory or something to just talk about, it is real. Six years after the course has finished, I still refer regularly to that experiential knowledge. I even find it helpful on the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) that I am currently studying at Bath University.'  

Anna Gillett

‘Educationally, the most life-changing experience of my life.’  

Matthew Doe, TV & Movie Asset Dealer

'In essence, learning NLP has helped me to understand the real meaning of what people are saying. I am also more able to anticipate their reactions to me. This works in negotiation and dealing (my job) and in my everyday life - a domino effect. It's a skill set that grows as I talk to more people - like a seed has been planted. I am more confident and my whole outlook on life has changed.'

How Does It Work?

It’s tailored to you and your manner of working with the material. As you know, tailoring takes time: choice of style and cloth, accurate measurements, craftsmanship, threads and individual fittings.

So it’s not off-the-peg. The syllabus and formats work according to your personality and your personal style.

You will do 20 face-to-face days in 5 modules of 4 days over 5 months - a minimum of 125 face-to-face trainer contact hours.

  • Discover and explore your own Personal Strategy™ in a thorough way.  What do you want, what will it look and feel like after you have achieved it, how do you measure it and what's your story?

  • Discover, explore and use the language of your unconscious mind and your conscious mind.

  • Discover and develop your perceptual skills. This means taking multiple descriptions of your subjective experience in different time and space.

Exploring the different sensory mechanisms takes time - takes you time. And your level of understanding deepens from many levels of exposure - over time.

'Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle.’  Judith DeLozier NLP University

But once you really understand, then your work is safe, informed and ethical. Some of your interventions will verge on the miraculous as change - when it happens - takes no time at all.

You will be very, very good. And if that's what you want, this programme approach will suit you.

And that’s why it takes 20 days over 5 months. The skills ferment and mature in your unconscious mind, ready for your practice.

Who Is It For?

If you are serious about the quality of your life, your personal and professional development, just curious about NLP, or want real support now - then please consider this.

You may run your own business; you may have a demanding professional career; you may need time for yourself in a supportive environment or you may want to deal with some tricky personal or

family issues.

You may already be a coach or a counsellor and want to add NLP to your existing skills.

Or maybe you just love learning.

The changes and progression you can achieve are real and measurable.

Where is it?

BRISTOL: 20 day Certified NLP Practitioner Programme UK - Bristol NLP

Who are We?

It all started in a suburb of London called Queens Park, NW6 in 1982 followed by Paris, Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo and Bangalore to name a few.

Zetetic partners have made a point of training with many of the leading figures in the field including:

  • founders Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler

  • early pioneers Judith De Lozier, Robert Dilts, Christina Hall PhD and David Gordon

  • hypnosis explorers Tad James PhD and Stephen Gilligan PhD.

  • health practitioners Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom

  • And more.

So the syllabus is global.

The Zetetic NLP Practitioner programme was submitted for assessment in the 1990's to the original Association of NLP in the UK and approved.  And it’s constantly revised and updated to reflect contemporary concerns and research in neuroscience.

And it holds true to the core skill of NLP, which is modelling.

Elizabeth M Pritchard

I’m Elizabeth Pritchard. I’m an NLP trainer and personal strategist facilitating intuitive, life-changing wellbeing sessions for individuals who are looking to achieve meaningful change on their own terms. I also train and certify aspiring NLP practitioners looking to invest time and money in a high-quality certification that nurtures both their personal and professional development.

I’ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of human beings. As teenagers, my friend Julie and I would escape games lessons at Bath Convent to read poetry hidden behind the coats in the cloakroom. We’d sit and contemplate what the great poets were trying to convey for hours at a time. We’d stay up all night sometimes, talking at length about how life worked. I took this inquisitive appetite for knowledge to university where I became enamoured with the confessional nature of the American poets who seemed capable of expressing the internal experience with infinite precision.

I became an English teacher post-university but my interest in our innermost thoughts and feelings continued to thrive so I signed up for an introductory counselling course. It became clear that I was invested in holding profound conversations with both loved ones and strangers alike. Before long, Colin came to rent a room at the family farm. He was so direct in the way he spoke with people. It turned out he’d participated in the Large Group Awareness Trainings in the early 1980s. The promise of a room filled with like-minded people who also had a voracious appetite for the way our minds worked fascinated me and I ended up attending the very same programme.

As society’s understanding of the ways we behave, think and feel expanded, so did the personal development methodologies that I became exposed to. In discovering the perspective-shifting teachings of neuro-linguistic programming in the mid-80s, I came to understand how important it is to invest in your future and dedicate time and energy to your development.

And so, that’s what I set out to do - not only for myself but to help others achieve this too. I have now lived and breathed NLP principles for over three decades, having undertaken 6250 formal training hours and followed programmes with the founders and global leaders in the field.

I’ve also run NLP certification courses for two decades. I call upon this expertise to instigate intimate, purpose-led conversations that place an emphasis on the need for aspiring practitioners to nurture their own emotional resilience and transformation, before then acquiring the tools they need to master key NLP skills to help others. In combining my expertise with my empathic approach, I also empower individuals to explore the inner workings of their private selves and effect the same measurable change that NLP teachings have afforded me.

Let’s work together if you’re an open-minded, attentive individual who is honest about where you are and where you’d like to be and not only curious about the life you could lead but committed to achieving the results you so deeply desire. I’ll facilitate powerful conversations that lead to lasting fulfilment from overcoming challenges and achieving your goals, confirming that you’re a confident, capable individual equipped with reliable problem-solving strategies.

Whether you’re uncertain of what you desire or have your heart set on achieving a specific goal, or perhaps you feel disillusioned by life’s trajectory, I can turn your feelings into actions by articulating them into a practical strategy that you can apply to everyday life.

In A Nutshell – Why?

The Zetetic NLP Practitioner programme is thoroughly researched, up-to-date, and taught so that you reach the highest level of competence.

Other popular products simply do not provide you with this depth of research, teaching excellence or integration of theory and practice.

You will be very, very good in the global community.

The programme covers foundation skills, language, strategies, states - and all the developments of NLP during the last 30 years including classic coding, new coding, systemic, generative, and somatic NLP.

Your Investment

  1. £4,000 ex VAT

  1. £4,400 ex VAT paid in instalments over six months, for example - £734 per month for six installments.

These prices include:

  • a free -124-page working manual

  • more than a hundred researched, annotated and free references for your private follow through

  • over 30 zps8 tailor made online videos to support the programme material

  • many other video, audio and reading suggestions to broaden your knowledge

  • free email and telephone access to the trainer for the duration of your programme.


Please call Elizabeth on +44 (0)7796 048 755 for dates in Bristol

Personal and Professional Support Group

You will have access to a professional support group to help you with your needs, desires, and hopes, within the context of your personal and professional development.

‘A very relaxed, very safe working environment for everybody.’

Dr Angela Berges


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the first day of the workshop, speak to me and I will refund your money.

Still not sure?

Speak to me.  I am happy to answer any questions you have. Call me on +44 (0) 7796 048755 or email

enlightened strategies that are not only realistic but long-lasting.

A 20 Day Certified NLP Practitioner programme with global credentials from a training organisation with more than 30 years in the field of NLP - certifying programmes since 1999. The syllabus meets the most rigorous standards and includes the labels - classic code, new code, generative, and somatic NLP. We first studied NLP in a commercial environment so we know about personal, professional, time and financial pressures. This ZPS8 programme supports you and your skill development over time - and sets you aside from the mass - so that you get a lifetime of value and return on your investment.

+44 (0) 7796 048755

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