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If The Problem Feels Really Bad!

Joe is a good person to speak to if it is really bad for you.  He will bottom out your issue and find a way forward, in the nicest way possible.

He will sort it out.

So only come to him if you are desperate and prepared to make the necessary decisions with the right kind of support.

You will not make the first step alone.  In fact, you probably would not recognise the first step if it jumped out of the shadows and burst into song.

Joe will hold your hand, just like a toddler, until you remember.

How does it work?

In one hour you will both know if it works to see him.  

But, to unblock your issue and get you moving again may take anywhere between 15 - 35 hours in the immediate term.

And, some people need coaching each month over the year to fully realise the potential inherent in their predicament.

No subject is off limits.

The work is gentle in a conversational or hop scotch style but can be emotionally demanding for you.  

And then you get a joy rush!


Fees are £200.00 per hour by recommendation or referral only. (This is a special offer for zps8 clients and their networks.)  

The fee includes phone or virtual time, or meeting in person at zps8 premises.  

The fee does not include out visits, on-site at your premises, research, letters, emails or expenses related to room hire, accomodation, travel, food or beverage - and other expenses which arise from time to time.

(If an out visit is required, full fees and expenses are charged from the moment Joe  leaves home until the moment he returns.)

After you have paid for the first hour on this site, Joe will contact you to arrange an appointment date and time to suit you.

He will use the email you provide when booking.

He will use the email you provide when booking.

+44 (0) 7796 048755

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