Personal Strategy - Pay As You Go - 121

Where Do You Go When Things Are Difficult?

This service is a good option if you are managing a difficult circumstance over time and want to:

  • have a skilled and confidential resource available to you outside of your immediate circle of friends and family

  • maintain a sense of balance through difficult times

  • touch base on key issues related to health, relationships, money, family or work

  • maintain clarity

  • feel a regular emotional support

  • check difficult decisions

  • negotiate relationships

  • follow through on endings or new beginnings

  • untangle personal and business stress

  • establish and maintain your personal boundaries

  • manage your Personal Strategy™

And it also works as a one-off.

Who Is It For?

You have already done some Personal Strategy work or NLP training with me and want some regular low-cost support.

You are completely new and want a low cost and low-risk way of testing me out.

Or maybe we have a phone call - if meeting face to face is not practical or desirable - because of distance, timing, accessibility, budget or anonymity.

What They Said

‘I had 2 sessions with Elizabeth about 2 separate issues. On both

occasions Elizabeth was able to really help me see clearly what was

upsetting me, and give me concrete tools to help handle the situation and my reactions to what was going on. She has a lovely energy and is lovelyto talk to! I will definitely return next time any life difficulties crop up.’ Zoe Brandon, Bristol

‘Before the NLP session, I had become stuck in how I thought about how to handle a multi-generational family household problem. After the session, which involved me moving around the room and considering the other person from different perspectives, I felt much lighter in myself, more enabled - and that the problem was much smaller than originally thought.’ Fiona Dudley, Cornwall

‘I got the job.’ Alex Burr, CAMS Mental Health Practitioner, Bristol

Please buy using the link below or email

Pay As You Go, 121, in person, on the phone, or via Zoom, in units of one hour. You can use it to define outcomes, assess problems, hear yourself out loud, challenge your ideas, or get help and support for anything related to you and your circumstances, including those low and confusing moments and your towering aspirations and ambitions.

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